Top 9 Tips to Plan Your Wedding In a Short Time

Recently, many couples, even celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, are moving from engagement to marriage in no time. So, they don’t have a lot of time to put plans for their weddings.

According to the experts, you need 13 months to plan the best wedding, so can you imagine that Ludacris and Eudoxie Mbouguiengue planned for their wedding in just two weeks?

In this article, we will give you some tips to help you ensure a short engagement and a stress-free wedding planning process!


1- Get Organized.

Being really, really organized is the secret for doing everything in life.

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Organizing your duties helps you avoid being overwhelmed with tasks, so make sure to make have checklist to not forget anything, determine your budget right away, and refer back to the list everyday. This way you can move things in the right direction.

2- Hire a Planner
Whether you have enough time or not, consider hiring a wedding planner who can really offer a huge help especially if you wanna get things done in just a few months.

A planner is the best one to help you find the right wedding vendors as he has a lot of interesting connections. His experience will also help in taking fast decisions as well as keeping everything on track and time.


3- Ask for Help
In addition to hiring a wedding planner, ask your family and friends for help and assistance. Everyone can help, they can research florists, prepare the invitation envelopes, etc.

4- Shop Sample Sales
Try to find deeply discounted gowns which are available and can be taken at home right away. If it doesn’t exactly fit you, you may be able to find a style that can be altered to fit you.

5- Don’t Be so Picky
Short engagement is not good for those who are so picky as it may not be possible to get the exact dress, photographer, wedding date, venue, etc. you want, as those must be booked up since a long time. Choose the vendors who are well enough and capable of working with you in your short time frame.

6- Choose a compatible date
If you couldn’t find an available desired date, consider a day other than the weekend and super-popular occasions (January and February in many parts of the country). In such dates, both venues and vendors will have more availability, and  guess what? you may get some discounts!

7- Cut the Guest List
Everyone understands that a shorter engagement means a wedding with fewer guests  Therefore, stick with a smaller guest list from the first day, then if you find more venues, you can invite more.

Anyway, we all love intimate weddings, it’s ideal.

8- Launch Your Wedding Website and Send Invitations
In general, invitations for the wedding must be sent at least 4 months in advance as you’ll want to make sure that you inform all your guests about your wedding as soon as possible. However, if it is not possible in your timeframe, set up your wedding website right away with all needed information then send emails to your guests before at least six weeks of the wedding day. If you have a shorter time frame, you must directly call them.

9- Get Excited!
Don’t let your fast decisions and stress take your happiness. After all, you are going to marry the love of your life! Focus on that throughout the planning process.

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