Today Is Your First Date, Let’s Be Amazing

Give yourself a plenty of time to get dressed.


We all dream of our first date, a romantic date with candles and a lot of passion. Ok, but when it comes, you may lose your tempers and don’t know what to do.

If you are having problems with preparing yourself for your first date, let’s follow these tips and get ready for this big day:


1- Double check the weather

Double check the weather before you start getting dressed, as your outfit must fit the weather. Whether you have planned to spend most of your time inside or outside, you still have to make sure that your clothes stay neat and dry.
Additionally, make sure to be prepared for any rainy or unseasonably change in temperature.
If it is raining or snowing:

  • You can wear a pair of boots during your travel and make an elegant pair of shoes to wear it when you arrive at your destination.
  • You can choose a suitable sweater, raincoat or umbrella, for your man to impress him.


2- Take a shower.


Whether you are going to a luxurious restaurant or to a camp, you have to make sure that your smell is nice and sexy, and your body is clean and fresh when you meet your boyfriend. So, take a shower.

3- Give yourself plenty of time to get dressed.


If you usually need an hour to get dressed, give yourself two hours as in such cases you may get anxious or stressed and face some problems like button falls off, a zipper gets stuck, etc.

Therefore, being ready too early would be much better than being late.

4- Pack a change of casual clothes.


It would be a smart idea for you to pack casual clothes as even if you’re having a fancy dinner or attending a prestigious ballet performance, you might change your plans and take a walk for ice cream or go to the cinema to watch some movies together!
To avoid any problem, pack another outfit and be prepared for any surprises.

5- Double check that you’ve got everything.


Even if you have already prepared your stuff last night, there are some things which you must be checked again like your purse,  your ID, your water bottle, your accessories, etc.
Additionally, make sure your cell phone is fully charged and that you have some extra cash with you, in case you needed to get a ride home.

6- Don’t stress.


Before a first date, it is normal to be worried and nervous, but don’t let your bad thoughts be an additional reason for that. Look at the mirror and tell yourself that you look gorgeous and confident in what you’ve chosen.


To help you more with your date, here are few things you have to avoid to be more comfortable on your date:


  • Don’t Put too much perfume:  Your date may be sensitive to certain scents and sprays, so just put a little deodorant.


  • Skip the moisturizer: First dates are usually nerve-wracking, so don’t apply a moisturizer before your big date to avoid unwanted shine.
  • Don’t wear too much jewelry:  Wear simple pieces of jewelry to accentuate your outfit without distracting your date.


  • Don’t get a new haircut right before your date: Don’t take a risk of a bad haircut and ruin your look, just skip any unnecessary change right before your date.

Remember to enjoy your time, concentrate on having fun, and discover this new, wonderful guy.

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