The White Desert in Egypt, A Place You Must Visit at Least Once

The white desert in Egypt, a place you must at least visit once, it is so great place and you will not believe what you will see. 

Charming and spiritual:

The white desert in Egypt, a place you must at least visit once

A friend who has once been there for a few days quoted ”When I went there I realized why the revelation of God to his prophets was in the desert most of the time, it’s so peaceful out there”, that is how she started telling me about that place which led me to search thoroughly about the white desert and find out some amazing facts that will captivate you to visit the white desert in Egypt at least once.

Location and description of the white desert in Egypt:

The white desert in Egypt is located 28 miles north of Farafra city in Farafra depression west of Egypt, the desert is known for its weird shaped rocks that were formed due to sandstorms there, its colors vary between the pure white like ice white and the creamy.

It’s weird to know that the white desert was a seabed in the far ancient times and that those sedimentary rocks were formed when the ocean dried out.

 It is even more interesting to find out that Klaxons’ music video of Echoes in 2008-2011 was actually shot in the white desert in Egypt.

موضوعات ذات صلة

Swimming in the desert!!

Can you imagine that you can swim in the desert!?…well it is possible in the white desert in Egypt. This part of the desert is famous for its wells such as well 6, well 7 and well 22 and their water is slightly warm and rich with sulfur which can help you to relax. Additionally, there is a large lake well called Abu Nus located 15 Km north of Farafra.

Alien-like formations:

If you decide to visit the White desert in Egypt you will see some unique shaped rocks that were formed due to sandstorms and extreme weather. By the way, these rocks have specific names.

There is a sculptured mushroom, ice cream cones in addition to a majestic conical flat rock topped with inselbergs.

It was strange for me to know that these rocks’ shapes change from form to another over the time due to harsh weather.

Dawn and dusk:

If you really want to make the most out of your visit, you should at least sleep there a night to witness dawn and dusk. Choose a night with a full moon as its light will reflect on the rock formations giving you a ghostly arctic landscape.

 Also during dusk or dawn, you will notice that the rocks will be colored with a wide range of pink and orange hues which looks really magical.

Eventually, you should at least visit Egypt once as it is a beautiful place with kind people who love to help each other. It has a lot of places to visit and very good weather.

Food is excellent and everything is at good prices. After reading all this I think it would be a great loss for anyone who did not go there, it’s a piece of heaven on earth, try it and you won’t regret it.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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