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The lovely white color; the favorite for stars

The lovely white color; the favorite for stars , Did you watch the 2018 Oscars? What a dazzling red carpet show of alabaster was there? Compared to the black colored Golden Globes, 2018 Oscars was more shiny and bright with the lovely white color.

Although there was no formal note sent to the coming stars concerning a specific color to wear, it appeared that white color was the common choice of most actors to attend this amazing and important event.

The lovely white color; the favorite for stars

Margot Robbie’s blinding, crystal-bedecked Chanel gown and Laurie Metcalf’s rosy… all were in white.

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Different styles but the same comfortable white color, that was special. Additionally, 2018 Oscars was a peculiar event with distinguished features.

The lovely white color always expresses peace, calm and innocent beauty. It is very special and that’s why it was used in the Beatles’ ninth studio album and the Joan Didion book of the same name.

Besides its beauty, white color is one of the most clearly noticeable colors on the light spectrum.

White is the color of neutral, insignificant and meaningless feeling. It gives us quiet rich symbolism and association.

It is classy, simple and very chic choice. The lovely white color really shows the beauty of women because of its neutral look.

Oscar actors

Oscar actors have The lovely white color; the favorite for stars

About half of the red carpet guests who wore dresses to attend 2018 Oscars appeared in white.

There was Jane Fonda’s severe shouldered 44 Francois Premier gown by Balmain, Janet Mock’s beaded shift, Laura Dern’s Minimalist column, Mary J. Blige’s shimmering bodice with a plain skirt, and Camila Alves in a frothy tulle number.

Also, Tiffany Haddish wore a traditional Eritrean gown on the red carpet and then changed into the same Alexander McQueen white gown which she purchased to wear to the Girls’ Trip red carpet and later wore on an episode of SNL.

She said that she spent a lot of money to get this lovely dress and she will wear it many times.

Beside, Timothee Chalamet and Jordan Peele showed up in brilliant white suits, a guaranteed balm to the omnipresent sea of awards show black tuxes.

Amazing symbol

White is also one of the three colors worn by the British suffragettes on their scarves; white is for purity, purple for loyalty and green for hope.

White is the color of cleanliness, hygiene and moral purity. It was used during last six months by the societies talking about pernicious allegations of sexual misconduct.

Wear white to symbolize your own vicinity to purity and freedom. It is the color of fresh piece paper which isn’t spoiled with ink.

White color usually express peace; however, women never are at peace. Maybe it is the reason why women prefer to were this color; to get the peace they are looking for.

Every single pretty lady was on the red carpet, likely shows a different future.

But the unique color they wore altogether without previous arrangement, gave us an image that those are ready to move on.

White color always proves that it is the perfect color for a new fresh start.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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