The list of the best foods for infants: Try it Now.


The list of the best foods for infants is here bexause Our infants are our priority in life, their health requires intensive care and that’s why we wrote this article to help all new moms choose the best food for their kids as food is the main factor affecting their health.

There are many healthy foods for our kids especially those containing multivitamins.

But doctors and nutritionists recommend specific types of food to give to provide our infants the extreme benefits.

Fruits rich in vitamins, fibers full veggies, meat and beans loaded with protein are the best foods for infants.

The great mother doesn’t need more than delicious, easy to prepare, reasonably priced and full of the essential nutrients foods for her kids.

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The list of the best foods for infants


It is a cruciferous vegetable which contains fibers, calcium and other useful nutrients that may help to avoid many health problems including cancer.

Introducing broccoli early to baby make him love eating green vegetables.

Steam broccoli until it becomes soft then cut into small pieces and serve to your baby.


Legumes and beans are rich in proteins and fibers.

Little lentils are very cheap healthy food you can buy.

Cook them with finely diced carrots for your baby, and when he gets older you can add more nutrients.


This is a great source of zinc, iron, and protein.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended red meat and dark poultry to avoid anemia.

Besides, baby’s body can absorb iron from meat easier than from cereals.

Serve meat as puree then add new flavors such as green beans and zucchini.


They are called dried plums; soft, sweet and full fiber fruits.

Add prunes as the puree to your baby’s diet to help in his digestion and keep food moving.

Prunes can be mixed with oatmeal, cereals or applesauce.

Sweet potatoes

One of the most popular foods served to babies in the early age is sweet potatoes as they like its texture and sweetness.

Sweet potato is full of important nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, copper and beta-carotene. Puree alone or with turkey.

It is beloved from all babies.

Winter squash

Yellow and orange squashes like butternut and pumpkin must be included in the food for your infants.

It is an excellent source of vitamin C and beta-carotene which are very important for healthy eyes.


Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin D so it is necessary for bones and teeth.

It is better to serve plain yogurt with no sugar to help the baby stomach regulate the digestion process.

Pick the low-fat yogurt for your baby and add fruits for natural sweet taste.


We eat banana to get potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium and iron.
Now, you know what to feed your baby. Start today.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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