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The Latest Makeup Trends in 2020

Makeup has its own magic that attracts everyone around you, while colors make everything looks different. We live only one time, why don’t you enjoy it? It is very attractive that you can appear classy with simple makeup, innocent with fade colors and dare with hot ones. That’s why we keep following the latest makeup trends.

The way you can change yourself using makeup makes it a special tool which should exist in everyone’s hands. I remember the first time I wore makeup, I was only a kid and all what I thought about was that my face is like a painting which needs some vitality. Now my little 3 years daughter is doing the same using my staff.


latest makeup trends from 2018

Makeup trends this year are affected by the New Year fashion runways. London, Paris, Milan and New York catwalks gave us the outlines of the beauty future this year. Big thanks for 2017 and what it showed us; strong highlights and sharp contour, it was an epic year. According to the catwalks and the red carpet this year, it seems that makeup trends 2018 would be somehow glitzy. Glittery glosses, peanut butter eye shadow, tough black eye liner and golden highlighter are the most common new makeup trends.

2018 makeup trends

  • Dark black eyeliner: get your black eyeliner and draw thick lines around the eye then wing it out in a sharp way, this is the best way to do it.

  • Lipstick bullets: after using the newly made liquid lipstick, now the modest lipstick bullet is back again. With hydrating creamy texture, this will be sold out in no time.

  • Glitter: it is the supreme this year to put on glitters. It will be fantastic to wear sparkly stuff around the eye. With a little patience, use the lash glue to adhere some sparkles on your eyelids!

  • Golden look: Rihanna is who invented the golden highlighter, that’s why we expect to see it so many years everywhere. Now the bright golden yellow pigment would be all over the whole face.

  • Round end: the cat eye is amazing and noticeable everywhere. But stop drawing wings at the end of your eyes and enjoy the new the rounded ends. Bella Hadid was seen with those pretty rounded ends at the Jason Wu show. Use the regular makeup sponge as a stamp to get this nice rounded ends.

  • Metallic: a new crazy idea appeared in this trend, metallic appearance. Dust your lips with metallic touch. Also use it in eye shadow.

  • Thick eye lashes: clumpy convoluted eye lashes proved its attendance at the Christian Dior spring show 2018. Draw multiple layers of mascara will do the best.

  • Rose tan: we all put on that fascinating bronze blusher. Now the fade rose one come back to return the pinky cheers again. To get the latest look, mix both of them, pink and bronze, together to give a warm style.

  • Grey lips: this may sound strange but actually it is great appearance for the lips. It will become more pretty with smoky eye liner.

  • White eyeliner: It was a huge hit that appears on the catwalk 2018 for spring and summer. A white liquid eye liner gave fantastic look for the eyes. The models gave brave and strong feelings with those white drawn eyes.

There were the latest makeup trends. which you should use in 2018

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