Make your best memories of these amazing 5 destinations

See the world and Make your best memories of these amazing 5 destinations, We all have a country which is the home, but you should not stick at your place forever.

It is wonderful to travel as much as you can, visit many places and learn from different cultures. Such travels will break the routine, help you enjoy your time and make your best memories.

You have to promise yourself to go ahead to see much more of the world.

If you are ready to travel but still not sure where to go, take a round through this article. Here we will guide you to choose your first or next destination.

You will find the most important spots in order to not waste your time.

Destinations to get your best memories

Make your best memories of these amazing 5 destinations

1) Peru’s Sacred Valley:

It is a fertile landscape fed by Urubamba River and flanked by a stand of glacier-capped mountains, many of which rise even higher than Machu Picchu.

It is considered the perfect place to get both adventure and relaxation.

Try to book one night in a transparent capsule hotel to enjoy the mountainside and sleep 400 meters off the ground.

Or choose the luxury casita built into a hillside and get a free trip to the on-ground gardens.

2) Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic:

A peninsula of 30 miles reaches from Dominican Republic’s northeast into the Caribbean Sea.

This untapped area is characterized by its natural beauty and lots of remote beaches with swaying coconut trees, white sand and azure water.

Samana is one of the best places where you can watch whales which come to this place to mate and give birth from late January until mid-March.

To get the maximum relaxation, go to the literal end of the road to the sleepy hamlet of Las Galeras where you can find so isolated beaches to spend an entire day resting in the sand.

3) Tokyo Disney resort:

Walt Disney Land is well known as “the happiest place on the Earth”. This Japanese Disney resort is the most pleasant, brain-soothing place you can ever see.

It is made like Florida’s Magic Kingdom that gives you the feeling of an oasis from the loud. Also, you can find Disney Sea where there are submarines and Teddy Roosevelt themed cocktail bar inside an old steamship.

This would be an incredible place to make your best memories.

4) Gangwon Province, South Korea:

The Land of the Morning Calm includes sparkling sea costs and huge pristine mountains.

It is located about 65 miles east of Seoul. Seoraksan National Park is an awe-inspiring peak you should stop at.

Also, you should stop at the windswept beaches, those romantic lakes of Chuncheon. For food lovers try these: fiery, hurts-so-good dakgalbi chicken stir-fry, freshly harvested sea urchin, and earthy, comforting buckwheat noodles. — Hannah Bae, Thrillist contributor …

5) Aosta Valley, Italy:

Another wonderful place to make your best memories is great Italy.

This place is known for its special meat that gave rise to the local carbonad which is hearty wine based stew of chopped beef and pancetta cooked in butter served over creamy polenta.

Go there at the end of January to enjoy the Fiera di Sant’Orso which is a celebration with local artists and traditional food, music and folklore.

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