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How To Wear Makeup: 7 Super-Easy Steps for Wearing a Simple, Elegant Makeup

Wearing makeup is essential whether you are going for a date, party, shopping and almost anywhere. Although every occasion requires special type of makeup, we will talk about the basic steps for wearing makeup.

Let’s see these 7 easy steps for an elegant, simple makeup:

First step: Start with the moisturizer.

Surely, it is the first step of all. Choose a good quality moisturizer and apply it on your face. It will moisturizeo your skin and help the concealer to glide on smoothly.


Second step:  Hide Dark Circles

Now, you can use concealer on the dark  spots of your face. Just apply it directly on them and not the whole face. Put the concealer on the undereye circles and blemishes.

The best formula is the creamy one, but make sure to use the one which matches your skin tone. Apply some points using the concealer brush then use your finger to blend gently.


Third step: A Touch of Base

Using a foundation stick is the best solution at this step because it is easy and gives you plenty precise application.

Begin with using the stick like a giant marker.

Draw few thick lines around your nose and on the cheekbones.

Blend these lines gently using your finger.

New trick:

* If you like to have a special look, just use a second stick with darker shades and put some lines in the same places. You will get amazing streak-free glow.

Mix both colors together using your finger, and spread it all over your face.
* If you are looking for lighter coverage, rub small amounts of a moisturizer on your hands then blend it on your cheers.

Fourth step: Correct till it become Perfect!
In this step, your face must be amazing, but if you still see any marks, then you can just add an extra layer of concealer to cover it.

Moreover, to make sure that your concealer maintains its effects and absorbs the oil, apply powder over the top with a puff.


Fifth Step: It is time for Blushing!

Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. How can you find them? so easy, just smile.

Then use your finger to blend the color up toward your temples

will probably fade throughout the day or evening.
Use a clamp tool to curl your eyelashes.

Seventh step: Create Luscious Lips

We can’t deny that the best choice for your new lip color is something which matches your actual colour of your lips, so try to select a colour which enhances your natural lip colour or opt for sheer tone that allow your natural lip colour to stand out.

Remember that makeup also has an expiry date even though they are not always mentioned on their package, so you have to replace your makeup regularly.

In case, there is no expiry date on your makeup products, remeber that:

Eyeliner: expires after 18-24 months.

Foundation: expires after 6-12 months.

Eyeshadow: expires after 12-18 months.

Lipstick: expires after 12-18 months.

Mascara: expires after 3-4 months.

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