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How to Know When Your Teenager Is Lying?

How to know when your teenager is lying is very important because he may lie for many reasons, to get out of doing something, to win an argument with his siblings, or to deal with a difficult situation.

In such cases, you should respond to your teenager’s lies with an emotionally mature attitude and not yelling and just say you are a lier.

You have to create opportunities to ask for forgiveness and never repeat again. Now we’ll talk about some situations can that may tell you that your teenager is lying.

Know when your teenager is lying, and help him to be honest

The most reliable way to know that your teenager is lying is to watch your teenager body language and observe any changes in language and expressions.

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However, the more important than that is knowing why your teenager is lying. Here we will discuss some ways of how to know that he is lying:

How to know when your teenager is lying

1- a Long lag time between question and answer

When do you ask your teenager an oriented question about something he did like “ Did you go to the PlayStation after your school? “, if he takes a long time to answer that means that he may be trying to come up with the right answer instead of speaking the truth.

2- Eye contact and Eye movement

Your teenager may be lying if he tries to avoid eye contact or maintains unusual contact. Most of us have heard that “ You must not trust a person who can’t look at me in the eye “ there’s some truth in this statement under proper psychological contexts.

3- Higher than normal vocal pitch

It’s known that when people tone of voice typically goes up. When discussing something which causes fear, anxiety or insecurity. This includes feeling uncomfortable with the deception, and the possibility of telling a lie.

4- Changing the topic or offering irrelevant information

If the teenager answers a direct question with off-topic or an evasive response, he may be hiding or avoiding an issue.

5- Avoid taking an investigative approach

You should maintain your teenager’s trust and love.
It’s important to avoid putting your teenager under pressure to say the truth of what happened.
The good relationship with your teenager decreases the chances that he will lie to you.

6- Faster than usual talking.

When your teenager is talking faster than usual he might be trying to convince, as if he paused for a silence or spoke slower, you might catch the holes in his story.

7- Rambling

If you notice that your teenager is talkative, that may be a sign that he is trying to make his story more believable by adding details, then you can know that your teenager is lying.

8- Stuttering is Not Normal In Speech

If your teenager normally doesn’t do so suddenly stutters, he could be doing it in the current speech due to defensiveness, nervousness, or self-consciousness.

These were some signs that can make you know when your teenager is lying. Now just try to explore the reasons they lie and deal with the reasons behind the lies instead of only the lying. That is a more effective way to promote them up with honesty.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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