How to give your baby a shower?

How to give your baby a shower? is the most important question, because Giving your baby a shower may be an exciting and funny experience which you share with each other.

For more help, just keep these few shower tips in mind to make tub time healthier and happier.

Prepare yourself to give a shower to your baby

Before giving a shower to your baby, you should first ask yourself if he’s ready for that or not. Some babies can see that shower is scarier than a path, so you should prepare your baby for doing this.

How to give your baby a shower?

These are some tips which can help you give your baby a shower:

1- Make sure that your bathroom is completely warm because small ones get chilled quickly.

2- Test the water of the tub using your elbow to make sure that it is not so hot, but just suitable for your baby.

Note: Don’t put your baby in a tub when the water is still running, because the water can get too deep, or the water temperature may change.

3- Keep your electric appliances like curling irons and hair dryers away from the tub.

4- After preparing your bath undress your baby and place him in the tub on his back. Don’t forget to support his head and neck with one hand.

5- Gently and gradually pour cupfuls of water over your baby’s body so he doesn’t get cold.

6- Clean all over, use cotton balls, washcloth, or use your hand to wash his face and body, don’t forget to work gently and talk with your baby to make him relax.

You don’t need to use much soap.

7- Now, it’s time to wrap it up: lift your baby out of the tub and wrap him in a towel then pat him dry. Don’t forget that babies are slippery when wet.

Extra Tips to Help You give your baby a shower

● You should put in mind that two or three showers for your baby a week are enough. Babies don’t get dirty when they are toddlers, so regular paths are not important.

● If your baby is newborn, you should limit the bathes until the fall of his umbilical cords, which often happens 10 to 14 days after birth.

● If it is the first shower for your baby, it is recommended to get some help from someone else. It would also be better if you use water only. If you used soap, try to choose mild one that made for babies, so it doesn’t irritate his skin.

● The most important advice you should follow is to never leave your baby unsupervised even for a minute because children can drawn in less than an inch of water.

So before starting giving a shower for your baby start gathering all the supplies you may need like soap, clean clothes, towel, clean diaper..etc.

Giving your baby a shower is one of the best moments for every mother; however, it needs a special care to have a happy, successful experience with your baby.

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