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Fashion mistakes of celebrities

Celebrities are different and they have many Fashion mistakes of celebrities.


When you wear something that doesn’t fit your body or a color which makes your skin looks pale, not many people will notice this fashion fail. But what if you are a famous and beloved star? Here, it is a different story. Celebrities are watched by the whole world even if they are just walking in the street. Cameras catch them everywhere to get their latest news. Additionally, many of us follow their fashion news to simulate their look including clothes, bags, shoes and accessories; all are tracked by the fans, that’s why the stars get help from famous stylists to get their gorgeous appearance.

Celebrities’ fashion missteps


While you enjoy wearing your favorite outfit without thinking whether it suits you or not, stars should think million times before putting on any piece of clothes as all the fans wait to see their beloved celebrities’ clothes. However, when celebrities get it wrong especially on the red carpet, photographers make their efforts to catch it.  Here, we gathered some of the unlucky celebrities’ shots which were really improper. Let’s check our list and hope you can learn from these missteps.

List of celebrities’ fashion mistakes


  • Lady Gaga’s meat dress was supposed to give her a special look and deliver a statement, but nobody got it.
  • Christina Aguilera is young and not very good at the fashion department. Her lingerie top, chain link belt and low cut denim patch jeans with matching denim hat gave her a very strange look.

  • Madonna is known to take fashion risks but this time was different, she showed us her ass!

  • Kim Kardashian got a shocking outfit as usual. However, this time was awful as it wore knickers as actual clothing teamed with army-print shorts, bandeau bras, and a pair of sheer tights. She also added a leather blazer and matching strapless bra. This look is more suitable for 4 years old girl.

  • Even Jennifer Lopez and her flawless figure was not much appreciated by her fans. Her look which included that silver halter frock, seemed as she is missing several sections including the front.

  • What you have to do when you run out of material? Vanessa Hudgens answered this question. You just have to stitch your stress together with sheer panels as she did. Her look was horrible.

  • Metallic and sequins were popular choices for many stars, but some of them showed that not all what glitters is nice. Cate Blanchett acted as the golden girl!!

  • Margot Robbie copped it big time in this ill-fitting floral frock and orange eyeshadow. Not only clothes may be bad but also makeup should be better.

  • Katy Perry in a bizarre blood-red veil and dress ensemble just didn’t measure it up; it was one of the disaster fashion mistakes.

  • One of the worst outfits ever seen was displayed by Demi Lovato. She wore a denim lingerie (jeans), which featured suspender-like denim holsters on the thighs, attached to a demi corset. Can you actually believe her?

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