Do You Have Sex Tonight? Let’s Be Ready for That

Sex is a relationship which usually takes place between each couple whether they are married or just in love. In sex, everyone always tries his best to have better sex, satisfy his partner, and get the top satisfaction, but only few of us really know how to get there.

In this article, we will help you discover everything you need to know about finding that elusive spot, enjoying a better foreplay, and reaching the top satisfaction.

Sex is the key of every relationship, and having a successful sex begins by preparing yourself. So if you have some naughty intentions and you’re thinking of giving your boyfriend an enjoyable night, or if it is your first time to go all the way, you can begin by preparing yourself and staying on top of your intimate maintenance.

Come on women, check how to prepare yourself for sex:

1- Clean yourself up and Take a shower!

Obviously, you have to take a shower before going to see your man. Don’t think that taking a shower in the morning is enough, especially if you worked all the day.

When you are not planning for a date, you can skip that and slack off a bit on your beauty routine. However, if you are planning for  going to the bar, party or a date, you should clean up a bit and be prepared for everything.

2- Attend your feminine region with care

Women try their best to get their men’s full attention and satisfaction, as when your man is happy and satisfied with you and your body, he won’t look to another woman. Although some men like the natural look, it is better to grab your razor every day and clean everything. Absolutely, your man will appreciate all the efforts to keep your feminine region clean, neat and trim. You can try waxing, shaving or anything you want, but you have to make sure that there are at least few hours between your beauty regimen and your date. 3-4 hours are enough to give your skin a chance to heal as well as avoid unnecessary irritation and unsightly red bumps.

3- Use a moisturizer with an attractive scent

After the shower and shaving, use a moisturizer with an attractive scent to provide your body with softness and good smell. Try the scent of lavendar, your man will adore it. You can also re-apply some deodorant too.


4- Touch up your makeup


Makeup plays a big role in making your look more attractive, so whether you spend few hours putting makeup on your face, or you prefer to just put a simple touch of mascara and lip gloss, take your time plus an extra minute to check your look before moving on to your destination. Furthermore, it is a good idea to keep some essential items (maskara, powder, lip gloss, etc.)  in your purse as you don’t know when you may need them.

5- Have some condoms for emergencies.

Whenever you go for a date, whether you are planning for sex or not, take some precautions and keep some condom or a few ones in your purse. Your man may not always carry a protection, so you need to be ready and nothing has to slow the two of you down.


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