Bridal Beauty: Head-To-Toe Guide


As a part of her preparations for the big day, every bride needs some beauty preparations and products to be the most beautiful bride ever.


Getting your dress sorted, nutting out your bridal-esque hairstyle, and ordering your cake are some of the main steps for planning your wedding, but it is not enough as you also have to take care of your bridal beauty routine.


To help you out, we will provide you a detailed list of what you have to do to look as much beautiful as possible at your wedding day.

So, keep reading:

* Start your skincare routine before a month of your wedding day:

At this stage, you have to indulge in regular facials, and encourage even-toned, clear skin by applying a brightening product of a high quality every morning and night. Make Sure that your skin will be glowing and luminous at your big day.

*Wear in your bridal shoes before 3 weeks

As you know, you will wear your wedding shoes for long hours on your wedding day. To avoid any problems on that day, just wear them in around your home many times to get used to them.

*Buy exfoliating masks before two weeks.


Check the exfoliating masks then choose which one suits you and your budget and buy them. Make sure to exfoliate properly many times before your wedding day.


*Nip any pimples in the bud before a week


Whether you have big or small pimples, make sure to heal them and stop the spread of zit germs before a week of your wedding.

*Brighten your teeth before a week

As every bride, your look as well as your wedding pictures won’t be perfect unless you get the bright white toothy pegs. However, if you don’t have enough cash to splash on expensive whitening treatments, just use a home remedy to ensure your teeth are shining brightly.

* Get your nails done before a day.
At your wedding day, you can’t worry about smudging your nails on your fresh white frock; therefore, make sure to take a good care of your fingers and toes before that. Try any of the long lasting, super-shiny manicures and pedicures for the best results.

* Prepare your hard-working products on the big day.
There are some must-have emergency beauty products which need to be packed  to assist you on your big day like a foolproof deodorant to keep sweat and not-so-delightful scents at bay.

Additionally, to add a glowy appearance choose luminous primer and then a skin brightening foundation which can make you look fresh and young all the day. Don’t forget your waterproof mascara. Having a dusting of translucent powder can also be a good idea.

Finally, more than 9% of brides forget to pack makeup wipes which are essential for any wrong touch of makeup, tissues to wipe all the tears and some panadol or any painkillers to treat any headache.

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