Are You Pregnant? These Signs of Pregnancy Can Tell

Are there any real signs for pregnancy? The answer is yes, as there are many reliable signs which tell you that you are pregnant.

Right from conception, your body starts to witness major changes to accommodate the sperm till it grows up and become a fetus then a baby.



Signs of Pregnancy

First of all, notice that there are many kinds of pregnancy tests to know that you are pregnant, but there are also some obvious and not quite obvious signs which can tell you that there is a big chance for you to be pregnant including:


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1- Missed Period
Although there are many factors like high stress, major illness or surgery which may cause missing your period, the first thing which a woman thinks of when she notices missing her period is being pregnant. Rarely, some pregnant women see some pink spots and not red like a normal period, while other women may still have a light period even after conception.


2- Fatigue
To support your developing baby and your body, the metabolism of the body increases when the woman is pregnant. Additionally, this is accompanied with a wide production of the hormone progesterone. As a result, this can cause immense tiredness and fatigue.


3- Morning Sickness
Although sickness hits pregnant women all the day, this state is known as morning sickness and it is one of the clearest signs of pregnancy. Sickness usually persists  through the first trimester and sometimes beyond.


4- Frequent Urination
Due to the pregnancy hormone hCG secreted by the embryos, the bladder is irritated which causes strong urges to urinate. However, you will only urinate small amounts.


5- Increased Cervical Mucus
Pregnancy is accompanied by changes in the hormone levels which highly impacts the production of cervical mucus.


6- Breast Changes
The breasts play a big role after delivering as they produce milk to feed the baby. However, since the conception, they start getting ready so you may notice your breasts becoming more tender and sensitive. These changes can be other obvious signs of pregnancy.


7- Constipation and Wind
The hormones which cause frequent urination also affect your intestines and make them more relaxed to provide more space for your baby. With the expanding of uterus, you may suffer from constipation and increased wind.

8- High Basal Body Temperature
After ovulation and heading towards your period, your BBT usually drops significantly. On the other hand, BBT will remain high if you are pregnant.


9-  Odd Tastes
Odd tastes are not a popular signs of pregnancy, but they exist among some women who comment in early pregnancy on an odd metallic taste in their mouth. This is usually caused when the saliva is affected by the rising hormone levels.


10- Cravings

We kept the best one till the end of the list, it is cravings. Pregnant women may crave a certain food, or a non-food substances such as chalk or clay.

It may seem weird, but this is true and these cravings mainly reflect the need of the body for certain vitamins or minerals.

With these signs of pregnancy, you can know whether or not you are pregnant, but keep in mind that you have to take a pregnancy test to be sure of your state.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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