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Arabic calligraphy in fashion from shoes to jewelers

Arabic calligraphy in fashion from shoes to jewelers is unlimited because we introduce that for you.

 Ancient yet vibrant:

Arabic calligraphy in fashion from shoes to jewelers

Arabic language is one of the oldest languages on the planet and is spoken by 420 million people around the world.

In addition to being one of the richest languages on earth, its calligraphy is very beautiful as it is written as if you were painting.

موضوعات ذات صلة

This calligraphy is so unique that when it is used in any artwork, it adds such an amazing flavor.

Recently, it is widely used in textiles, dresses, accessories and even in shoe designs.

The first international designer to use Arabic calligraphy in fashion:

When we talk about Arabic calligraphy in the fashion, we must not forget to mention the first man who actually did it on an international scale, and that would be the Tunisian designer Ezz Al-Din Alya who lives in Paris, France.

His 1990 winter/ fall collection was dedicated to “Kufi” Arabic font- Which is an Arabic font that is formed of geometric lines. He created different patterns in his designs.

Naomi Campbell wore one of his designs on the runway and his collection caused controversy back at the time.

Also in 1993, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel couture created two Arabic calligraphy designed dresses worn by Claudia Schiffer and Karen Mulder on the runway.

Unfortunately, those two designs were later taken out of the market because some people believed this calligraphy were from the Holy Qur’an- The holy book of Muslims.

The Egyptian designer Azza Fahmy and Arabic calligraphy in jewelry:

For more than forty years Azza Fahmy has maintained a unique way of designing jewelry using Arabic Calligraphy which made her pieces masterpieces of art.

Fahmy has always used the poetry of Ahmed Ramy, Elia Abu Madi and Fadwa Tuqan in her unique collections.

Regarding her calligraphic jewelry, Azza says that she wanted to remind Arabs of who they are because recently all they care about is to imitate foreign cultures according to Arabic Vogue, and well.

She nailed it and made some extremely wonderful collections.

Arabic Calligraphy in shoe designs:

It is not common to be dazzled by something on the runway, yet the Jordanian designer Dennis Eunis has come up with a crazy yet fabulous idea of using Arabic Calligraphy on shoes.

Anas created his own brand name “Dennis Eunis” in 2009.

He studied architecture in Jordan. He moved to Italy where he learned about leather products then to New York where he studied industrial design for 15 years.

Eunice’s collection of shoes were inspired by Arabic calligraphy in general but he used certain types of Arabic fonts such as “Diwani and Farsi” which are famous for their curved lines that can help the designer to concentrate on the beauty of the font and make it fit the product without deformities.

Also, Aennis chose to use Arabic calligraphy in shoe designs because he thinks that the Arabic language is a rich language that needs to be well known for other cultures.

Yes, right. Arabic calligraphy is charming and beautiful, and it beautifies any design.

Appreciate your origin to be appreciated:

Last but not least, your Arabic identity is something to be truly proud of, so an Arabic person should be proud of his culture, language, and calligraphy that is used today by national and international designers and proved to be absolutely amazing. Let’s keep introducing it to non-Arabs to keep it from perishing.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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