8 Tricks for Healthy Hair

It is important to maintain a healthy hair, especially with all the pollution and dust around us. However, using the hair products which contain many chemicals can make things worse. Therefore, you have to consider using some natural home remedies and valuable tips to get a shinier, healthier-looking hair.

This article provides 8 amazing tricks to have a healthy hair:

1- Don’t take a shower everyday.

If you think that taking a shower twice a day is so important for a healthy hair, then think again.Water has bad effects on your hair as it makes your hair swell from the inside, as a result it cuticles up, then by time, you recognize frizz and breakage.

2- Think twice before choosing your shampoo.

We all worry about whether our shampoo contains sulfate or not. I will say it once again:Don’t worry anymore about sulfate as studies showed that there is no significant difference between the presence or the absence of sulfates in terms of damage or fading color.

Additionally, all the shampoos have certain chemicals which strip oil and color from hair.

Instead, look for shampoo that says “damage repairing” and contains proteins or a cleansing conditioner because those contain very low concentration of detergents.

3- Conditioners work anazingly with your hair.

It is known that using conditioners smooths frizz and makes your hair softer and shinier. Additionally, it is better than the heat-protectant spray in coating the hair.

Therefore,always use conditioners and leave it on your hair for at least five minutes before washing it with cool water in order to allow for more residual conditioner to be left on the hair.

4- Add layers to your hair

Among all the factors which harm your hair, heat is the worst thing. To protect your hair, use a double amounts of heat-protectant spray.

Make sure to use it in a good way to maintain a good look, especially if you are going somewhere.

How to use heat-protectant spray?

Begin with dividing your hair and put enough spray into each section from up to down (two or three spritzes per section).

After that, you have to to distribute the formula by combing your hair.

5- Use your old shirts.

Do you know that your old cotton shirt is gentler on your hair than any other type of Frette towels? Yes, it is true, so you can use them for drying as what most of the top hairstylists, including Mark Townsend, do.

6- Cool your head.

Using your hair dryer hurts your hair because of the excessive heat. Additionally, as long as your hair is hot, the harm increases.

To stop the damages, after you finish working with your hair dryer, hit the cold-shot button to cool your head.

7- Air-dry your hair

If you want a safe alternative to drain off your hair, try to air-dry your hair overnight. By this way, you can minimize the damage and get a dry hair.

8-  Try the trick of damp hair and braids.

If you are looking for smoothing frizz, loosening curls, and giving straight hair beachy waves, try the hairstylists’ trick.

The hairstylist Mara Roszak suggests sleeping with damp hair in two loose braids to smooth your hair, loosen the curl, etc.

In addition to massaging your scalp, and following a healthy diet, the above 8 tricks can be so useful to maintain a healthy hair.

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