7 Genuine Signs For a Serious Chemistry Between You And Your Partner

We often hear that certain couples share magnificent chemistry, but do they really mean it? I mean chemistry is related to periodic tables, nerd goggles and chemical reactions, so why couples would share such things?

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as it seems, as in relationships, chemistry is the special  connection between two persons. However, it is not just a romantic chemistry, as sometimes chemistry may also be platonic, positive or negative.

Here, we will discuss some features of the romantic chemistry, and the signs that show that such chemistry exists between a couple. So, let’s check some signs:


1. A Sense Of Familiarity

Sometimes, just sometimes, we meet someone for the first time, but we feel that we know him since ever. This strong sense of familiarly doesn’t happen a lot and isn’t felt with anyone, for this reason we consider this feeling incredibly unique.

When such feeling of familiarity appears, it is usually accompanied with a strong feeling of comfort and a natural, flowing conversation.

This would be the first sign for a special chemistry between you.


2- “Mirroring”

Mirroring is a natural human behavior which usually happens with us without being aware of that. In such cases, we unconsciously imitate the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of someone else without realizing that.

Imitating the person’s posture or mannerisms often happens with a lot for people who have a physical or emotional attraction to someone. It is usually a sign of both, platonic and romantic chemistry.


3- Sexual Attraction

We may not admit it, but we can’t ignore the fact that we are a mating and reproducing species. So we genetically seek someone  whom we have a strong physical attraction to, and this attraction is the basis for any romantic connection.

4. Same Interests

Honestly, it is so weird for a woman to love video games and football, or for a man to love shopping and romantic comedies, as it is obvious that the interests of male and female tend to go inthe opposite directions. Although it is unusual to find someone from the other gender who shares the same interests with you, this is a  powerful component of chemistry.


5- Same Sense Of Humor

Sharing the same sense of humor usually deepens the feeling between the couple and make a great chemistry.
Moreover, such individuals who have a similar sense of humor may even think alike.

6- Smiling

When we are with someone we love and care for, we smile a lot. Smiling is a normal reaction which occurs between friends and couples. What is special about smiling is that it occurs even between shy and introverted people who will unconsciously smile here and there when they are with their lovers.

7- Physical Contact

While we are in a comfortable environment, we practice a playful and innocent touching, and this is seen as a universal sign of chemistry. This type of touching occurs a lot between friends, but it also widely appears in dating and further romance.

Play touch is also known by psychologists and specialists as the ultimate icebreaker as a lot of men and women love try it to gauge how someone feels about them. Mutual engagement of play touch is almost a clear sign of chemistry.


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