7 Easy tips to feed your baby


A good thing to start with is that almost among each ten babies, you find a tough-to-feed baby. Although having such case can be really concerning and frustrating, you can make your baby eat again if you follow some valuable tips.

Now, let’s imagine this, it is the time to eat lunch, but your little angel is not accepting any food which is driving you crazy.

Are you worried that he could become dehydrated?

Don’t panic, breathe, calm down and let us help you with this common problem. After all, to overcome this phase in your baby’s feeding, you need a lot of patience.

Now let’ try these 10 tips to get your tough-to-feed baby eat his food:

1- Don’t Start Early
A study mady by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in 2013 showed that 40 percent of mothers feed their babies solid foods before they are 4 months old. This is totally wrong.

A lot of babies are unable to eat solids till the sixth month. If you feel as your baby is not ready, it is better to hold off, and wait till he is able to swallow solids.

2- Consult a Pro
If your baby is not eating, consult his doctor to know if there’s a real problem or if it’s just a temporary stage.

Just let your baby’s pediatrician check, then if he couldn’t determine the real problem, he would refer you to a pediatric feeding specialist.

3- Make a Mess
Sometimes just sometimes, you have to allow your baby to play with his food. Your baby is just like anyone of us, wants to explore new things. Additionally, the first step to teach your baby how to eat a new food is simply by giving him the chance to smash and smell it. Seems horrible right? Try it once, let your little one play with his food. Give him the spoon or he can use his hands to mush, mush and squish his food. This would be enough to satisfy his curiosity and make him feel more comfortable to eat.

4- Give a Sample
First, start by offering your baby a very small amount to discover the taste, then you can increase the amount gradually. This would be a good way to introduce the taste of new food without upsetting your baby.

5- Don’t Give In to Tantrums
Usually, when the baby throws his food, the mother goes mad and this won’t solve the problem. To avoid enlarging the problem, you have to clean up the messes and pretend like everything is fine. Draw a smile on your face and continue feeding him like nothing  happened. Your baby will calm down and he may continue eating.

6- Tune Out Distractions
You must let your baby focus on food. To ensure that, turn off all the distracting machines around you including the TV, cell phone, radio and feed your baby in a quiet place. Avoiding distractions by reducing the number of noisy or moving distractions, will be an amazing way to get him focus on food only.

7- Have Fun and eat together
It would be amazing to clap and smile for your baby to encourage him to eat. You can also try the classic “flying” spoon with airplane noises!
Additionally, eat few spoons with him, he will be happy for that.

Your baby, your angel, is amazing, but he just needs you to hold his hands to walk in life together.

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