12 Steps to Apply the Perfect At-Home Manicure

As all other woman, we always look for the gorgeous look. The makeup, clothes, accessories, etc. must be accompanied with the perfect manicure to maintain the needed look. Makeup artists are the best ones to provide you the best manicure. However, whether you don’t have enough time, or you don’t have money to go to the salon, you will be happy to know that there are few easy steps which can give you the salon-quality results.


How to prepare your fingers and put a perfect at-home manicure: Check the step


First step: Prepare all the needed tools

You have to prepare an effective nail polish remover, wipes, a clip cuticle stick, nail brush,

Additionally, place a flat, protected surface, and put your arms and the mentioned tools on it.

Second step: Enhance the shape of the nail

Now, it is time to clean your nails and prepare them for a new manicure session:
– Clip your nails first, if necessary.

– File your nails to get the look which you prefer.

– Choose the one which fits your fingers (choose between the square, round or somewhere in between).

– Use a buffer to buff the tops and sides of nails in order to create a smooth surface.


Third step: Push the long cuticles back without cutting them

Most girls cut the cuticles around the nail, which is a big mistake. These are essential to soften your nails and protect them from bacteria. So, you have to soften these cuticles using oil or lotion, then push them gently backward with a cuticle stick.


Fourth step: Exfoliate your hands and fingers

This is an important step to do before putting manicure, and it is recommended to be done before and not after the process.

Use a hand scrub to exfoliate your hands, wrists and forearms. This will remove any dead skin cells and replenish moisture.

Fifth Step : Clean under nails.

Get your nail brush and use it to to clean under nails.

Then wash your hands and the fingers thoroughly.

Sixth step: Moisturize your hands.

If you moisturize your hands after the manicure, you may smudge them. To avoid this condition, moisturize your hands now and give yourself a mini hand massage.

Seventh step 7: Remove the current manicure

The final step before putting the new manicure, is swiping each nail with nail polish remover to remove any current manicure.

Eighth step: Apply the nail polish base coat.

To hydrate your nails, protect them and prevent chipping, apply a base coat then wait two full minutes before applying another each coat.

Ninth step: Apply the first coat of color nail polish.

After the base coat, apply a coat of the new manicure and make sure to move the brush from the to cuticle down to the end of the nail.

Tenth step: Apply Another coat of color nail polish.

Wait for two minutes, then apply another coat of the same nail polish.

Wait for two minutes, then check whether everything is okay, or you need a third coat for full coverage.

Eleventh step: Apply the nail polish top coat.

Now, you can apply a topcoat to protect your manicure from chipping. This will also add shine to nails.


Twelfth step: Clean up the edges and wait till your nails dry.

If you notice any mistakes or wobbly edges, clean them by soaking a piece of cotton ball in nail polish remover and wrapping it gently around the nail.

Wait for five minutes till they dry.

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