10 Signs That You Should Not Date Him

The first date of 10 Signs That You Should Not Date Him, is like a job interview, it tests your vision and may seem pretty from the outside but no one knows what is hidden there.

The most important relationships advice is that “everyone you meet is not the one”. So before getting involved in a relationship with any guy you should make sure that he is the wanted and suitable one.

To know whether or not he’s the one, we will give you 10 warning signs that tell that you should not date a guy.

10 Signs That You Should Not Date Him

First, you should know that you deserve the best, and you should take care and make sure that your man is a good one. And even if he is charming, super, and cute, that doesn’t mean that he is good for you.

Here 10 warning signs tell you that you should not date him:

1- He shows signs of insecurity

If someone feels good when he is intimidating you, then he may have some psychological problems. Be careful before dating someone like this.

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2- He always cancels the dates or he comes late.

Does he make you wait for him all the time? This action shows you that he doesn’t consider that the time you spend together is valuable. So don’t be with him anymore.

3- He doesn’t make you feel special

Any guy who is really interested in you will show you that you are special using many ways like fluttering, courting you, introducing you to new things or people, and making you feel that you are the one. If he didn’t do something like this, it’s a sign that you should not date him.

4- His anger has really scared you before

If his anger is out of control, the relationship may turn abusive. So don’t dismiss serious anger as it’s not a big deal. You should think twice before meeting such man again.

5-He doesn’t want to be around you in public

If this guy refused to let anyone know about you if he flutters you privately, but act as he doesn’t know you in public, if he doesn’t let you write or share anything on social media, then this is a big warning that you should not complete your life with him.

6- He doesn’t pay or offers to pay when you go out

If he doesn’t pay for your dinner and dates, but just walk out of the door, and never look back, then you are facing a serious problem.
Remember that you aren’t sugar momma and we don’t take care of grown men.

7- He criticises you more than complimenting you

If the guy usually criticises you and you hardly hear him complimenting the beautiful things you have, then why are you meeting him? Of course, he doesn’t like you for who you are. So you should not like him too.

8- You have only Met him online

Talking with the people on the internet and meeting them in the real world are two different things. So if you meet someone on the internet, you talk for awhile and like each other, then you have to meet in the real life.
If he keeps making excuses to not meet you, take this as a warning that you should stop talking with him.

9- A lot of people have Told you that he is A jerk

If a lot of people have told you bad things about this guy, don’t take risks and give him your heart.

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