10 Sex Secrets You Would Like to Know About Women


10 Sex Secrets You Would Like to Know About Women because Everyone likes sex, but most of us especially women, are too shy to admit it. Yes, sex is one of the most important things in life for men and women as it is not just a mean to give children, but a way to express love and relieve stress, etc.

For this reason, we gathered some common, interesting sex secrets about women, so you can test them yourselves:

10 Sex Secrets You Would Like to Know About Women

1- Best time for sex.

Obviously, the best time when women are ready for sex is Friday night. Why? Because she had a day off ( Friday) and she will have another day off ( Saturday), so she will be comfortable and not worried about waking up to go to work on the next day.

For this reason, prepare yourself guys, as you are very likely to have some sex.

2- Sex with a special one.

Making love with anyone is not like making love with someone you love. A survey made in 2016, proved that most women enjoy sex more with the man they love especially the one who loves them back, and they assure that he can bring them a real pleasure.

3- Having Sex in different places

More than 40% of women have a wish of going outside their bedroom and making love. It is really exciting to try some sex outside instead of the routine sex in a boring bed.

4- Listening to music Vs sex

This fact is helpful for women who are not able to have sex all the time, so listen, women:

Listening to your favorite music has the same impact as eating delicious food or even making love as nice music helps the body to produce huge amounts of dopamine. ( The dopamine is the hormone responsible for satisfaction).

5- Hunger and Sex

Actually, this is new even to me. A study showed that women who are hungry most of the time, do sex more often. The secret is that this lack of nutrients has an impact on the body.

6- Try sex after a leg massage

Not all men know this sex secret, nor all women tried it, but making a massage for your woman’s leg can excite her and bring her a great erotic pleasure. Therefore, try that the next time you go to bed.

7- Sex slows aging

Current studies proved that elderly women who continue making love actually look younger, healthier and happier than other women who have stopped and forgotten what sex is.

8- The duration of foreplay differs among countries

Seems interesting, right?

In general, women think that the duration of foreplay before the actual sex takes more than the third part of a sexual act, but did you know that women in every country have their own duration for foreplay?

For example, Ukrainian women take 40% of the time for the foreplay, while in Brazil they believe that 15% is enough.

9- Excite her without touching.

If you touch the skin of your woman, you will make an effect on the receptors situated in the epidermis. On the other hand, if your hand is just very near her skin without touching, it will «disturb» short hairs, which will send stronger signals to the receptors.

10- Why all the wars and depression?

We can’t end this list without reminding you that the average sexual intercourse on planet Earth lasts for three minutes and a half, while the woman needs approximately 15 minutes to reach an orgasm.

So men should think of new tricks to please their women or they have to face a lot of wars and depression.

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