10 Amazing Books Which We Can Never Forget

For many, reading is just a very boring activity and they’ve never read even a single book, while for others reading is as essential as the air they breathe. Whether you belong to these or those, here we will provide you with the most amazing books which you will adore and recommend to your friends.

10 Amazing Books You Should Read:

While reading a book, it takes you to another world to see the life in another perspective. So, let’s fly away with these books without even leaving our place:

1- Pride And Prejudice

It is Jane Austen’s famous novel which is considered one of the most enduring works of English literature. Pride and Prejudice is a novel about the overcoming differences of cast and class, it is also about recognising that to love someone often means accepting him for who he is.

2- The Kite Runner

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One of the modern novels written by Khaled hosseini is The Kite Runner. It transcends cultural gaps to touch the darker areas within us all. The strongest themes in this novel are betrayal, guilt and redemption. It is one of the most heart wrenching books that I have ever read, so I recommend it strongly. It is one of the amazing books ever, so don’t miss it.

3- The Great Gatsby

The novel of the  great Gatsby by F.scott Fitzgerald’s is distinguished as one of the best texts ever. This novel is told from the perspective of a young man who has recently moved to New York city and is befriended by his eccentric nouveau riche neighbour with a mysterious origin, Jay Gatsby. The Great Gatsby provides an insider’s look into the Jas age of 1920s in United states history, while at the same time critiquing the idea of the “ American dream ”. Hurry up and buy this excellent novel.

4- War and Peace

Tolstoy’s greatest novel “War And Peace” talks about the chronicles of the history of the french invasion in Russia and the impact of the napoleonic era on tsarist society.

Its incidents are included within the stories of five Russian aristocratic families.

It is not just a novel, it is like a whole life written in a book, if you don’t read it you will lose a lot of joy and wisdom.

5- Middlemarch

This incredible novel is for George Eliot, and it is one of the amazing novels in English literature.

It gives us many informations about different and interesting cast of characters, exploring their motivations, delusions and preoccupation. And the remarkable thing about middlemarch is the details and realism displayed by George Eliot when he describes the emotions.

6-Great Expectations

Charles dickens novel “ Great expectations ”, like all of his novels, is full of humor and populated by an entertaining cast of brilliantly named characters. It is full of interesting details and benefits. You really have to read it.

7- A single Man

Christopher Isherwood wrote “A single Man” whose events took place at a single day in the life of George falconer, a middle aged English professor grieving the loss of his partner, jim. As George struggles against the grip of his depression and wonders what the point of life is anymore…

To know more about it, just read this this amazing novel .

8- Broken Harbour

Tana french, in his book “Broken Harbour “, talks about a woman who is taken to Broken Harbour care, and her husband and two children are found dead.

The husband,  who is a victim of a recession, tried to kill himself and his whole family , but failed…

It is one of the amazing novels ever, you won’t be able to put it down till you figure out this mystery.

9- Second life

In second life by S.J. Watson, Julia plummer id investigating the murder of her sister when she discovers that she was meeting men online for sex.

Soon Julia falls into the dark side of the internet  and meets someone who’s not quite what he seems.

An exciting story which must not be missed

10-The silent wife

Within a couple of pages of meeting the protagonist, judi, we are told that she is deeply unaware that the next short months will make a killer out of her . What follows is the frighteningly believable disintegration of a marriage, and an even more frighteningly possible decline from forgiving wife to murderer.

This book is written by By A.S.A Harrison.

All of these recommendations are very interesting and useful books, try to read them to fall in love with reading and enter the world of books.

موضوعات ذات صلة

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